Gregor Panič
Gameplay Programmer / Designer


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Relevant skills

Programming languages: C++, C#, Python
Programming tools: Visual Studio, Git
Game engines: Unity
Other: Blender, ZBrush, Steamworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
Languages: Slovenian (native), English (fluent), German (fluent), Japanese (beginner)

Work experience

Self-employed, Slovenia (April 2016 – present)
Designer, programmer, artist

Designed and developed Welkin Road (2013 – present), a first person platformer where the player uses two grappling hooks to overcome movement-based puzzles. Successfully released the game on the Steam Early Access platform where it has been well-received. Consistently maintained a dialogue with the players and provided technical support. Worked with the Nkidu team, who have provided marketing support and guidance.

Designed and implemented the gameplay, levels, sound and game systems and the UI which includes an extensive options menu. Created all the art assets except for some of the sound files and textures.

Game features developed: grappling, swinging, wall jumping, wall running, sliding, several grapple targets with different effects, dynamic camera animation that complements the movement, checkpoint, statistics and scoring systems, speedrun mode, gamepad controls, aim assist system, camera assist system, Steamworks integration, location-based hints, persisting save and settings data, dynamic shooting star system, efficient management of components of large numbers of game objects, etc.

Infovizija, Slovenia (July 2013 - December 2013)
Web developer

Worked in a distributed team environment that used Git for source control. Maintained large Magento-based online stores and developed Magento modules.

Other projects

3dApi (2015)

A real-time rendering engine in Direct3D and OpenGL used to benchmark the APIs and their drivers.


University of Maribor, Slovenia (2009 – 2015)
MSc in Informatics, 2012 – 2015 (average grade: 9.63/10)
BSc in Informatics, 2009 – 2012 (average grade: 9.67/10)

Online courses

Completed several online courses including Artificial Intelligence (Berkeley), Foundations of Computer Graphics (Berkeley), Algorithms: Design and Analysis (Stanford) and Introduction to Computer Science (Harvard) with excellent grades.